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I provide high school students individualized services that will help them navigate the often overwhelming process of college admission.  I will meet in person or through Zoom.  At the end of each session, parents and students receive a feedback summary of what was accomplished and what lies ahead.  


Parents, I know that balancing work and home life can be challenging, and I’m here to ease the load off your shoulders from day one! I will help your student through the college planning and application process with individualized guidance and deadlines.  Your progress report after each meeting becomes your college roadmap!


Whether your child is a freshman or senior or somewhere in between, the time for college planning is NOW! My timeline for each grade level makes the college search and preparation manageable, and I will personally check-in on your student at each benchmark. 


Book a FREE consultation today where I will customize an academic plan, or feel free to contact me about a specific service.

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